We were established in 2003, initially registered as a company in Ban Klang Thong International Co., Ltd. and has stepped into being a manufacturer. And sells food and beverage processing machinery By focusing on the development of production of quality machinery to continually meet the needs of customers
In the year 2007, Ban Klang Thong International Company Limited has expanded into foreign markets in the Asian region. The first country that the company exported to is Malaysia, next is Singapore.
In the year 2008, the company has expanded the market to Europe. The first country that the company exported was Spain, and in the next 2 years, the machines were exported to Australia. And many other countries
In the year 2013, the company changed its name from Ban Klang Thong International Company Limited to Sap Thong Thong Company Limited. International limited until became known until now
At present, the company is an expert in the production of machinery used in the food industry. And beverages, medical supplies, chemicals and cosmetics such as mixing (stirring tanks, stirring pans, Ribbon Mixer, Paddle Mixer, mixers Both monks and dices, etc.) packing liquid, condensed, viscous, including meaty items (Both semi-automatic and automatic systems) packaging closures (Plastic screw cap, lid, twist off cap, screw twist lid, aluminum) and others, as well as consulting on machinery placement in the production line by a team of engineers with Experience in design, installation and providing after sales service advice
With experience and expertise that has a long time. International Company Limited trusted by the company Various organizations, both public and private Including the country’s leading factories Decide to use the product and be confident in the service of the company
The company is still determined to research Continuously research and develop products in order to provide products and services. Quality for customers Which the company sincerely hopes that the machinery that the company has produced Will help reduce costs, reduce labor, increase work efficiency for customers So that the customers who use the company’s machinery receive Maximum benefit