Agitator stand


Agitator stand / Homogenizing mixer

Homogenizer / HOMO mixer

Mobile HOMO mixer


Material : Stainless steelSUS304 / SUS316L

–  Size : 1L. – 2L., 5L. – 20L., 20L. – 100L., 50L. – 200L. Or customize

–  Suitable for filling food , chemical products, cosmetic such as products as liquid or viscosity products  such as Juice, pharmaceutical liquid , mayonnaise, salad cream, cream, lotion, coconut jam, alcohol gel, sauce, oil, painting oil, etc.

–  Homogenizer head

–  Rise up – down agitator head by lead screw ( electric system )

–  Include inverter for adjust speed

–  Include timer

–  Have wheel and adjustable leg

–  Safety system

–  Stainless steel control box

–  This machine is designed to add high efficiency , reasonable price, easy to maintenance, compact machine , easy to operate and durable.


*** We can design machine to achieve customer’s requirement.

*** The customer can test run the machine before make decision.