Mixing Kettle


kettle / Brass boil – mix kettle / Mixing kettle

wok / boil – mix wok / Mixing wok / Frying kettle

Cooker / Kettle with stirrer


–  Material : Stainless steelSUS304 / SUS316L

–  This machine suitable for high viscosity product.

–  Size : 50L , 85L , 150L

–  System : Gas system

–  This machine can be used for mix , fry, boil , roast, simmer, deep fry such as curry paste, pasty filling, fry rice, chicken deep fry, Tempura, rice dumpling,  Dried beef, dried pork, Fried stir basil with minced pork ,Thai Sweet Cereal Bar, durian paste, etc.

–  Can take kettle out to clean

–  This machine is designed to add high efficiency , reasonable price, easy to maintenance, compact machine , easy to operate and durable.


*** We can design machine to achieve customer’s requirement.

*** The customer can test run the machine before make decision.