Vertical Sterilizer


Retort / Direct Steam Retort

Hot water retort / Food sterilizer



–  Material : Stainless steelSUS304 / SUS316L

–  The machine is a very strong structure that can withstand 3 times the pressure of the actual operation with safety system.

–  Size : 50 – 5000L.

–  Type : vertical type ( stand or rotate ) and horizontal type

–  System : Gas , electric and stream system

–  Can be used to sterilize food to preserve longer ( beverage glass bottle , curry paste jar , canned food , canned fruit, etc. . ) can be adapted to be used for stew, boiled, steamed, marinated food as well such as stewed chicken, braised duck, pork leg, spices, salted egg, etc.

–  Include stainless steel basket

–  Adjustable temperature and time of use

–  Vertical sterilizer open the lid with a sideways out that provide high security

–  The machine is a strong structure that provide high security ,high performance , reasonable price , easy maintenance , ease of use and durability.